Sending Individual Owl Option

not me 3 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 3 years ago 1

Hello! I have a little suggestion thing, it would just reeaaaaly help me out. I am a backstory leader on a WoX site and I deal with all the unrealistic names. I can see this being useful to a number of jobs on the sites (Head of House, Backstory Team, Plot Team, Welcoming Team and just regular users who need to send a mass amount of invitations to a party or something!)

But here's my idea, I know you can send group owls to a group of people if you are management, but there's no way to send a group of owls to people that have no connection what so ever, for me it would be people with unrealistic names. Instead of taking the time to send owls to each person with an unrealistic name (which takes me hours) I could just list all the people's names like usual and select an option "Send as an individual owl" And that way you could save a ton of time and energy and it would be extremely helpful.

Please upvote this so the WoP team ends up seeing this, because this would be the greatest feature ever. 



As I know you can send out multi-owls individually, so only the person in question sees it. And you can pick several users at once, although what options to pick for the search is a good question. Maybe if a 'joined x time ago' was added? Then there would be less results. So I see it relatively possible to combine with the current multi-owl section just needs some adjusting I think.