Brewing Room Took Items

Avahrie 4 years ago updated by Vita Auden 4 years ago 3

First of all, I do know that when a potion is not successful I lose the ingredients and sometimes the cauldron- this is not what happened.

I had two recipes that I wanted to try and started a potion, in a cheaper cauldron. I then went to start the second potion in the most expensive cauldron, not realising that it cost to have two brewings happening at the same time. 

There was a popup asking if I wanted to pay. I clicked cancel- and I am very sure I did not hit proceed by accident- and the site redirected me to a payment page anyways. 

I didn't want to pay, so I hit the back button, and I ended up back on the brewing homepage saying "you need to purchase a cauldron to start a brewing" or whatever it said. I was super confused, so I went to my chest- the ingredients that I had placed in the potion I didn't end up starting to brew were gone, as was my cauldron. 

In summary- put ingredients in a brewing, but didn't start it; was redirected to a payment page despite hitting cancel and now all my ingredients and cauldron are gone.

Hello! The same thing also happened to me. But I think isn't a bug. WoP is realistic <3 So that is imagine you are a real wizard. You try to brewing potion. Well if you aren't succeed, of course the ingredients won't come back ^^

Good Luck for your potions!

D: Hey for sure, your brewing its little weird. I don't have to pay anything for brewing, besides to buy the ingredients and cauldron. I will suggest you to ask your MoM or headmaster first. Because they can answer faster. And for brewing, make sure you follow the instructions and requirements. Since it was a site, such occurrences are normal. Hope your brewing went well

Paying is to set another one over at the same time as your first one.