Grades adjustment

Tenebrent Salven 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 8

Personally. I thin the grading system should be adjusted.

Outstanding- If the student met all of the requirements and went above and beyond.

Exceeds Expectations- If the student might have missed a requirement, but still put in a lot of effort.

Good- The student met all of the expectations/requirements, but made little effort beyond that. Or put in some effort but missed a couple requirements.

Acceptable- The requirements were met, but that was it. Or there was some effort and a missing requirements.

poor- A number of requirements were missing with little to no effort. or there was some effort and almost no requirements met.

Dreadful- At least one requirement was met, but little to no effort

Troll- Plagiarised or copied and pasted HW, no requirements and no effort, blank assignment, etc.

The reason is because Exceeds Expectations and Outstanding both mean that the HW was above and beyond what was required to pass. They exceeded the expectations of the homework, or were outstanding pieces.

Good and acceptable are basically saying that it met requirements or was at least passable.

And poor, dreadful, and troll are for assignments that failed to meet requirements in varying degrees.

From what I have seen, giving outstandings and Exceeds Expectations just for getting the minimum requirements turns more people away from bothering to do more than the minimum rather than promoting a desire to come back and try and do HW. Most people are just doing the HW for the points and money anyways. And knowing someone who answered each requirement with a couple words and said it was from their imagination, but has to be given an outstanding turns graders off to grading unless they just want money or points.


This sounds like better grades are given for the 'effort' which easily can turn into length. I know well a short homework can look like the user didn't put many effort into it, but maybe that's their capability. We can't expect everyone to write very long homeworks, it might be even they struggle with the language and that makes them struggle to write a lot.And even if the homework is short they might have put a lot of effort into it, but judging that is very different with every person. 

Personally I don't really support this idea. Although I understand that sometime it can be discouraging for the users/graders/and even the teachers but I say we can only encourage users to do the best they can in feedback. Downgrading because of 'lack of effort' can be also discouraging them to write homework or grade even.


I agree with Henrietta. 

Sorry, but everyone has their own definition of what is considered going "above minimum effort", which can really mess up the grading system and make it unfair since then it gets into personal tastes, like what considers something enough to be above and beyond vs not enough? Not to mention, there are users as young as 13 years old. What they consider going above the minimum will not be the same to an adult and that doesn't seem very fair and could discourage them as Henrietta said. 

As long as the user meets the requirements, they should get an Outstanding because they met the things they have to do. Just like real life homework, you don't get A for doing extra work, you get an  A for meeting the requirements the teacher set in the first place. 


Tbf, real life homework doesn’t use an Outstanding and Exceeds Expectations because of the fact that answering multiple choice questions correctly is a 100.

Due to the harshness of IRL grading in writing assignments to get a 100, it doesn’t really fit that idea anyways though.  Writing is rarely graded like IRL multiple choice questions are, and we were writing those at 13.

but tbf, most classes I have been in that area will tend to try and do things for students if they put in extra effort in a writing class and have more than the minimum requirements. And most teachers don’t give a 100 just for meeting the minimums anyways in writing classes I have taken. In WoP, there is already no counting off even though the answers are completely wrong as long as they attempted to answer the question.

If we are counting off for forgetting to put that it came from our head, it is kinda silly to say that having some consideration for effort is too far.


Okay, but that's the issue. The harshness of IRL grading. The thing is, this is a creative outlet meant for fun. We shouldn't discourage kids for what they think is creative or doing what they think is within their best capabilities.

Like Henrietta said, we do have the comments to leave great feedback for people who do write more. There are also homework columns for each house that highlight great work and give out prizes. Sometimes there are homework competitions. There are several different ways on site that encourage lengthy assignments while still rewarding people who can't meet the high standards of older people. 


My comment was in regards to your claim that giving an outstanding would be the same as real life grading, and the inaccuracy in that statement.

And to point out that even if the standards were adjusted to allow for a better reward for effort that was in line with the terms used for grades, and allow encouragement for people to develop their writing with a small shift in grades.
It would still Not be as harsh as IRL grading of people at the youngest allowed age on site.

It isn’t discouraging Creativity to have a grading scale that allows for more room to grade assignments.

Not only that, but on some sites professors and Assistant Teachers have given lower grades than outstanding despite answering all the requirements creatively because the question was answered in something other than a direct statement. This being upheld by other staff. Which means that adjusting the grading system slightly would not really be that much more subjective than it already is when it comes down to how it is already handled.

Ironically, I think you will find that the older people who have mentioned something like this are generally lenient graders who would be fair. The harshest grades and feedback I have seen have come from younger graders  closer to the minimum age or secondary/high school.

And professors have the ability to adjust grades for students anyways, which means any student young or old who was being harsh in their grading could be overruled.


From what I have seen, giving outstandings and Exceeds Expectations just for getting the minimum requirements turns more people away from bothering to do more than the minimum rather than promoting a desire to come back and try and do HW. 

Okay, but does it really matter? Being totally honest, I enjoy doing homework. I will put in the effort because I like it. And WoP is a RP site- a lot of the homework requires responses written in an RP format. Those who enjoy writing will write their best and/or write more if they want to. 

Take a look at topic forums. You see people writing six paragraphs and saying it's short, and you see people writing one paragraph and feeling like it's a long response. Is there anything wrong with either? No, because there's different writing styles and people have different inspirations, amounts of time, skill with the language, etc. Both are completely valid forms of roleplay and there's absolutely nothing wrong with either.

It's the same with homework. Someone wants to write an elaborate and long assignment with loads of detail? Great. Someone who maybe doesn't speak English as a first language writes a few paragraphs answering the questions in minimal detail? Still met the requirements. 

Most people are just doing the HW for the points and money anyways. And knowing someone who answered each requirement with a couple words and said it was from their imagination, but has to be given an outstanding turns graders off to grading unless they just want money or points.

Again, what's wrong with this? WoP is supposed to be a fun site where we can all come and lose ourselves in a world of magic for a little bit. So what if we're only doing homework for points or money? What difference does it make? How does that turn graders off to grading at all? There's a feedback box for a reason and it allows people the opportunity to comment on homework and share what they think could be improved upon. 

I completely understand where you're coming from, however. As said by other commenters, some people have different standards of what can be considered a lot of effort and what can't. Some people have disabilities, language barriers, and varying levels of skill and inspiration. Some people have been writing for years on WoX sites and others have never written in third person before. Some people just prefer to write short RPs where others enjoy making them long. As mentioned, "effort" can easily be mistaken for length. You have no idea how long it took someone to write an assignment or how hard they worked on it. And again, this is supposed to be a fun site where there's things you can do to kill time and enjoy yourself- homework is one of those things. By making it about effort, and length, and quality, you are taking that fun away from people. And possibly causing them to be less confident in their writing and skill. 

You’re right. It is supposed to be a fun site for everyone. Including the people who write the lessons and see people giving trollIsh answers that technically meet the requirements  and have to be given outstanding.

The reality is there are RP sites with similar age limits and just as much potential for all of the same people with all of the same difficulties with writing. And yet. They have 3 times the active users or more. Now does that mean WoP should become these sites? No, they focus on one subject rather than having 20+ sites for different fandoms. But it does show that a slight adjustment to the grading would be unlikely to deter anyone and could potentially improve the site for everyone involved.

Points are given for those who get homework back, so those who just want to slap the minimum and move to the next already get their points and won’t care if they get a good and still get the same amount, but All of those who want to put effort would have the opportunity for a small bit of recognition for it that would matter.

and the point that the grading could be rather subjective is kind of moot. As I mentioned earlier that professors can already be subjective about pretty much anything except creativity or effort.