Not a bug

Points not adding up correctly

Avahrie 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 1

I have noticed that the house points on the points board are not adding up right. I know that there are more users with points than on the leaderboard, but I have seen it immediately after the year turns, where the leaderboard isn't filled and the only people on the leaderboard are those who have earned points (ie there's 5 people on the board). 

The first case I noticed this was when there was someone who had earned 10 points and another person who had earned 2 points, and the board was saying they had 13 points (in the largest house on this specific site). 

Image 403

I'm looking at it now, and:

16+10 =26






These 7 people are the only people on the points board at the moment, and although this site (WoS) is the only one I have screenshots from all of the sites seem to have done it at some point.

So basically, the site isn't doing math right. 

Not a bug

The site is not making a mistake, the points are not supposed to be simply added up. There is an algorithm behind it taking the total number of users, the number of active users and the number of users in other houses into account. If we would simply add the points up, the house with the most users would always win (since users are not evenly spread across all houses). So the algorithm makes sure it's most fair.