Sort Topics

Avahrie 4 years ago updated by uktodaynews news 2 years ago 3

As someone who holds several student jobs across sites (Prefect, backstory, AT and former journalist) I find myself often following topics that are work related, or in the case of Prefect, that I want to monitor but am not participating in. Recently I've found myself going back to look at and reply to old topics of mine and they have been pushed to the bottom of the list or smushed somewhere in the middle by other topics. I know a lot of people also follow topics in clubs and that they want to follow- and sometimes, it's nice to just have some sort of order. I personally would like to be able to categorize topics by the in-game year or season they were made in or by who they were with. 

I would love to have folders for topics (similar to owl folders)! 


Ahh this is a great idea! You can easily separate work related topics from your own and also separate those by active and inactive/closed ones. :D


Bumping this thread back up! A sort function or folders like owls would be very useful, and a handy way to organise work threads, old topics, active topics, and ones you're following for the tea. It may also prove useful to Prefects to follow topics in their designated areas, and certainly to Management/ HM/ MoMs who are in charge of many different threads for work on top of their own topics!