Switch the Level requirements

Alexia Silvermane 4 years ago updated by Brady Flint 4 years ago 1

For a long time, I've been thinking, why can you grade homework, before you can create topics? I mean WoP and other WoX sites is an RPG based site, so how come making a topic, is harder to do, than to grade homework, which is in my opinion a bigger responsibility. 

My suggestion is to switch it around. Making it so you have to be level 3 to create a topic. And level 5 to grade homework. This will also make it so, that people have more knowledge about the site, the requirements and so on, before they grade homework, hopefully making it so, they don't do as many mistakes as they would at level 3, when they are completely new to the site. 


This is a decent idea, and I’ve often thought about it as well, but here’s my opinion on it. When you first join the site, you aren’t quite aware of forum rules, unless you’ve been on another WoX site. It’s quite easy to reach level three, it only takes about ten minutes if you spam owls efficiently (which is a popular suggestion on how to level up). As a former prefect, it’s part of the job to look for topics that aren’t created properly or following IG rules and forum rules. If we lowered the level, it would make the chance that these topics are created incorrectly go up pretty much I’d imagine. I say this because like you said, lots of people grade homework incorrectly at the lower levels when they first are able to. That could be translated over to forums as well. If it was me, I would raise the level to grade to 5 but keep the level to create topics the same.
Thank you for your time, Brady Flint