A quicker way to switch accounts

not me 4 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 4 years ago 1

Hello Wox-ers!

Is this only me, or when you switch accounts it takes a long time and is very tiring. Well what I wanted is a button to switch accounts under the log out button. Rather than having to log out, enter the username a password and such you can just click "Switch accounts" and it would pop out an area where you can toggle between accounts. Please upvote and comment your thoughts, this would be a lovely feature I think.


Although I understand your reasons. However I think it could be abused in some way. For example if more people use the same computer, and say they all have an account the computer would suggest the switching and people you do not want access to your account could log in as you and mess up things.

There is probably a small chance for that to happen as I guess most people have their own devices but it can still happen you log in on a different computer used by many and so then it could cause problems.

At least that is my opinion about it.

Maybe if this is combined with asking for the password in a pop up, so still only those who know that could actually log in. (As I saw that on FB for example.)