Play-Lamp on marauders map

Marlene Harris 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 1

Dear Wopler,

as we all know, role playing is a very important aspect on all World of sites. But sometimes it is not so easy to differentiate between the people who want to play and the people who just want to do their homework.

That's why the idea was born that some kind of 'signal' could be integrated on the marauders map similar to the green 'online' light which we already have. So you can click on your own lamp to set whether you are looking for something or not.

Green - I am looking for a play

Red - not interested right now

Blue - AFK (as an example)

Purple - Busy

That would perhaps also take away the shyness of some people to contact someone who you don't know yet or who you find interesting, but have never dared to send an owl to.