Uniting World of Potter Players.

crazyjonda 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 3

Having 2 or 3 different servers for a website with low traffic like this, is a suicide.

As a marketing agent having worked with huge online games such as oGame and Tribal Wars, I'd like to propose something way better.

Why not implementing Different Schools in the same WoP server? Keep Hogwarts being the UK/English school, then add another one (Say Durmstrang, say anything else) for German speakers, but maintaining the same organisation as Hogwarts, and then do the same for the south of Europe (Beauxbatons?), having a school where Spanish and French post could be allowed.

Then, implement ways for the students to be able to visit and interact fluently with other schools, keeping it all together, uniting the flow of visitors in the same page, but diverting the language choices.

There are actually several similar ideas already floating out there along those same tracks but with a bit of a different spin. The different schools idea (see http://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/topics/168-different-schools-for-different-sites/) was declined for the reasons shown on it, but I highlighted views in a topic of my own about server flexibility (see http://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/topics/166-character-transferring/). I hope you find them useful.


Let me explain a little bit better.

Naming the schools after different names was just an idea to help people not getting confused, but I stated that the best idea would be to keep the exact same organisation for each school, so imagine you're on Durmstrang:

You would have Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley and Outside World the exact same way than Hogwarts students do, and inside Durmstrang you'd have 4 houses as well (Named after some german historic people? Animals? Doesn't really matter) And the same floors and characteristics as Hogwarts.

This would made implementing this extremely easy, it would mean no diference to present players, and there would be a lot of inter-school interaction since hogsmeade and diagon alley would be the same for all.