Potions emoji

Squirrel Jo 4 years ago updated by Thana! 3 years ago 2

Hello ! 

I've just noticed there aren't any emojis representing potions, although it is a core subject at Hogwarts and the site has recently gained a new Potions functionnality. Therefore I believe this emoji would be used a lot on the site. 

Moreover, there already are many emojis pretty much related to the Wizarding World (wizard, owl, crystal ball...) so it would be only fair for poor potions to have its own :') I believe a (bubbling ?) cauldron or a funny-coloured phial would perfectly do, but maybe you have other ideas ! 

Thank you for reading <3

PS : While we're talking emojis, maybe we could think about a Chocolate Frog/Wizard Card one, as it's also a very popular asset of the site ?


yessss :D

As a Potions Master myself, I’d love to see a new Potions-related emoji in chat ^^


This is a great idea! I would love to see that in the chat.