Retry option when brewing potions

Mecquita 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

There's no surprise that not all attempts on brewing potions succeed on first try (very few does actually!), and I think it'd be useful to have a retry button in the Brewing Room for those who wants to try that exact potion again (granted you have the ingredients).

Per now we need to put in the ingredients and choose the correct preparation method all over. If someone wants to simply retry the same potion they previously tried it'd be nice to simply have to click on a Retry button, and then the brewing would automatically begin (or a variation - Retry, and then click Start Brewing).

Would this button not be available if the student doesn't have the ingredients? Like faded out or something? And perhaps a button to trash the brewing attempt as well?


Either be faded, or perhaps when you click on it, a pop up window could say "You don't have all the ingredients" or something of the sort.

A 'trash' option could be an idea too - sort of like a "reset" button?