hide cuddle notifications

Marcus 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 9

Please give us the option to hide cuddle notifications. Since cuddling rewards you with EXP, the cuddlewars started and if you have many pets you're notifications are spammed with cuddling messages. 


I think it's a good Idea to giv everybody the OPTION to DECIDE it for themself.

Alternative, those cuddle notifications should be separatete shown or the nummber of notifications I can see should be higher...

Well I like to seee, who is cuddling my animals and to give back cuddles to the anymals of those people or just say thank you from time by time...

but I also have the probleme, that I don't want to miss more important notifications!


I thinks its really unnecessary, if you dont want to get notifications for cuddling. Dont get pets. Its easy.


Yeah like dc said. If you dont want to get notifications for cuddled pets, you can take them into the Daycare. You should know beforehand whether you buy or keep a pet. It's no secret that you get a notification when you cuddle a pet, why would you implement this feature NOW. I think it would be a waste of resources.


That does not help...

the problem is, that people MISS a lot of OTHER notifications, becouse of the cuddle notification... (there is a limit of notifcations you can see!)

...and to bring your pets in Daycare can't be the solution!  So it's no waste of resources to discuss this problem! ;-)


Just done something in Paint. Hope you understand what I mean.

You could give it another Icon For example that in the noticication. Maybe than IN the notication without the icon. I dindt put it out.

It could look lLike this: 

It could looks like this if you turned it off:

And like this in the notification bar when u turned it off:

And like this in the notification bar when u turned it on:

Hope you can see, what I mean ^^


Perhaps the BETTER IDEA would be, the option to delete those notifications when you read them... in combination the change, that all notifications you get, should keep visible for at least 24 or 36 hours...

or that there are two kinds of notifications

one for cuddling (and perhaps for liked notifications) and another for friendrequests, articles, written comments and so on?

*just spontanous brainstorming*

Well I also think it's a problem to miss notifications (for other thnigs than cuddling), so I see the problem ...

but I actally also want to see who's cuddling and of course I like my pets to be cuddled...

so It's a question of how to solve the problem...


Some people have like 10 pets and once 5 people cuddle them previous notifs are gone. Let's say you're gone for a day, you could miss really important notifs!

oh yes, ive got 8 on my main charakter and 4 with another.
Thats pretty much and if somebody answeres on a RP i cant see it and have to look at board fpr subscriptions :/