Fix the Topic Response Notif

not me 4 years ago updated by Katie 2 years ago 3

I dont really remember a time where this didn't happen but can you fix the topic response notification so it shows who actually responded to the topic. If that doesn't make any sense...

Caiden Greene creates a topic

John Doe responds to the topic

-Caiden Greene gets a notif that John replied

Bob Shmoe responds to the topic

-Caiden Greene gets a notif that John replied instead of Bob

Does that make sense? Well anyway, can we get the topic response notification fixed so we know who responds to the topics.


I was legit just about to make a bug post about this. 

It's especially annoying with work topics, for example absence topics (if I don't have the time to look right away I would like to be able to tell who is absent). Also with plots, which are very fast-paced, it would be nice to see who replied and also to be able to tell when plot team replies via notifs, which can't be done because all of the replies are said to be coming from the same person.


That happens to me all the time. I hate it!

This is so annoying! And it only happens when you've responded to the topic then say Person #1 responded to the topic after you, then Person #2 responded but it looks like Person #1 responded so it gets really confusing.

But the thing is, it doesn't happen unless if you've responded and two different people responded after you so it's a bit strange.

Please excuse me if this doesn't make sense, I may or may not be staying up at midnight xD Also, please don't mind the Person #1 and 2 things, I'm too tired to think of actual names.