Relation of IG Time to RL time (Slow down?)

Xanya Q Daryce 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 3


I can't find a topic like this, but, was it ever requestet to Change the IG time?

I often feel kind of stressed, because the IG time is giong so fast? I would love it, to have 10 days or 2 Weeks RL time, per IG month.

Yeah I know 10 days are not so comfortable tot calculate... but for this problem, perhaps there could just a calendar being programeted to look up, when it will be Christmas agian... ;-)

Well, yes I know, changeing the RL / IG time relation would be very big kind of change... so, would there be any chance?

How do you (all the other players) think about that? Perhaps it's just me^^ O:-)


Oh, I would love that! Things are going SO fast, it's hard to keep up. There's a lot of stuff and happenings and episodes of my character's life, that I would love to RP, but there's simply no time! Especially, when you HAVE to follow the IG time (i.e. no future-RPs or past-RPs allowed). I believe another solution would be to simply allow for users to create topics that take place in the past or in the future, thereby making it possible to RP every situation they want to, and not be disappointed, when they miss out on their character's first kiss in third year, because time was moving so fast, they couldn't keep up.
BUT I know that changing the time has been suggested before (many times, when WoP only existed as pottersiden.dk), and I'm fairly sure the suggestion is shot down every single time.

On the sites, there is a section dedicated to having topics in the past, so you are able to still roleplay things from the past. 

I do understand wanting things to go a bit slower, but there are options if you weren't able to get everything in!