Receiving ALL Homework-Feedbacks, although if marked by AT

Xanya Q Daryce 4 years ago updated by Peggy Lily Malfoy 4 years ago 5

English Version

Dear WoP Community,

We have the following request:
If a homework has not received 5 feedbacks after 7 days, they directly go to the subject teams where they are being graded by the Assistant Teachers. However, they remain in the general pool and can still be graded by “anyone who is currently grading”, as long as they are in the Assistant teacher’s panel.

Anyways it can happen that a homework gets 4 feedbacks and then gets graded by an AT. If that happens, the person who turned in the homework only gets to see the AT feedback although up to 4 people made the effort to write one.

I think it’s a HUGE pity, that the already written feedback can’t be read, as the feedbacks are a main part of the motivation to write homework and everyone probably loves receiving and reading it. On top of that the people grading are not supposed to write their feedbacks for nothing, but should have the knowledge that their feedback is being read. After all there are rules and regulations to try hard and write good feedbacks.

Because of all of this I would like a solution from the operator so all feedbacks sent in for every homework are available to be read.

You have the same opinion? Then please support this idea with a thumbs up!
Thank you.

Greeting from the „Litte Lionsclub“

Alicia M. Selwyn

Laika V. Slowin

Merita T. Carmichael

Xanya Q. Daryce

(Me Xanya Q. Daryce is signing main responsibly, but the otheres are involved an will comment this shortly)

German Version

Hallo liebe WoP Gemeinschaft,

wir haben folgenden Änderungswunsch:

Wenn Hausaufgaben nach 7 Tagen keine 5 Feedbacks (Benotungen) haben, gehen sie ja an die Fachteams zu den HL. Dennoch bleiben sie weiter im allgemeinen Pool und können weiterhin von "irgendjemandem der gerade benoten geht" benotet werden - solange sie im HL Postfach liegen.

So oder so, kann es nun sein, dass eine Hausaufgabe 4 Feedbacks hat und dann von einem HL benotet wird. Dem Schreiber wird dann aber nur das HL Feedback angezeigt, obwohl sich ja bis zu 4 Personen die Mühe gemacht haben ein Feedback zu schreiben.

Wir finden es SEHR schade, dass man diese bereits geschriebenen Feedbacks nicht zu lesen bekommt, denn die Feedbacks sind ja ein großer Teil der Motivation Hausaufgaben zu schreiben und so ziemlich jeder bekommt vermutlich gern Feedback. Zudem sollten auch die Benoter nicht für die Tonne schreiben, sondern Wissen, dass ihr Feedback auch gelesen wird. Immerhin gibt es Regeln und vorgaben, sich dabei Mühe zu geben!

Daher wünschen wir uns von Betreiberseite eine technische Lösung, dass man alle eingeschickten Feedbacks zu Hausaufgaben auch zu lesen bekommt.

Ihr sehr das auch so? Dann unterstützt diesen Änderungswunsch bitte mit einem Like!


Es grüßt der „Kleine Löwenclub“

Alicia M. Selwyn

Laika V. Slowin

Merita T. Carmichael

Xanya Q. Daryce


In my opinion a very great idea I mean... it's unbelievable, how much time every writer of feedbacks or homeworks invests in his WoP-career without knowing if the stuff he writes will be read or, in position of a homework-writer, if his text will get the recognition he deserves. And what, if the greatest feedback will probably be lost forever, just because the text was maybe so long, that only less than five persons were motivated enough, to give a nice feedback? A horrible idea but not unrealistic.


Helpful tips are also given within the feedback. These can show the scribe different perspectives on his text.Also, the work should be appreciated by all users.


I think that's a good idea because there may be tips and ideas in the reviews of others. I hope it will be implemented and there is a possibility to make it technically true. best Wishes Merita T. Carmichael


I also think it is a good idea, 'cause those who Review the homework of the Charakters think sth when they correct the homework. I'm sorry if you don't unterstand what I want to tell. ☺😣