Character Transferring

Agnes Dupont 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 7 years ago 1

With the possible addition of the UK WoP site being discussed, I started wondering what it was like for all the EU members who joined the US site at its beginning. For some people, I'm sure the chance to start fresh was one they leaped at, but for others I wondered if it was hard to leave their old character behind. If we could switch servers without creating new accounts, it would get rid of that problem. In addition, we could have a variety of student ages (Year 1's, Year 2's, etc.) This would allow us to have more in depth sites even from their inceptions. There could be teachers for higher level classes right off the bat for Year 3's and Year 4's with characters from other servers. This would expand the number of people capable of having administrative positions and provide people with the opportunity to experience how other servers run their sites without having to create a new character from scratch.