Alexia Silvermane 5 years ago updated by Vita Auden 5 years ago 1

Since we can have users over the age of 17, why not make it possible to make users under 11 years old. Making it possible to have younger siblings or kids, what ever relation they would be. It would bring more creativity for some to the site to have their kids or in genreal younger users to play on/with. 

If someone would be interesting in making a miniput, they would have to pay to become ynger, just aswell if you wanted to become older than the starting 11 years. could have a category for the youger ones called preschooler or something like this. 


Because there would be nothing for them to do. The only few areas they would be able to topic would be Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade and the holidays in the right days. They wouldn't be able to do magic or anything really, so I don't really see the point. They wouldn't be allowed to do homework, because their age would not fit it and they would be too young to be at the school.
Grads are people, who can further their story from after their education and turn into fully fletched witches and wizards. They would have their jobs ingame to follow and create close relation ships with other people that way. There are the grad classes and everything else. There is nothing on the site for them to do.