Galleon Achievements

Emil 5 years ago updated by WoPideasblahblah 4 years ago 1

So, one of the players is about to reach 1 million galleons. I have a suggestion that if people reach a certain amount of galleons (currently in their account (not overall)) they could get an achievement. This would encourage people to do more homework, grade, etc.

Names of Achievements:

Fire Drake = 1,000 galleons

Peruvian Vipertooth = 5,000 galleons

Chinese Fireball = 10,000 galleons

Antipodean Opaleye = 100,000 galleons

Hungarian Horntail = 1,000,000 galleons

Ukrainian Ironbelly = 1,500,000 galleons

Norwegian Ridgeback = 2,000,000 galleons 

(etc. etc,)


just given this some loooove. It would be awesome