Allow non VIP users to have the 'dating/engaged to/married to' relationship statuses for free (1 per each account only)

Craig the cookie fairy 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 15 2 duplicates

This could give non VIP users a small 'taste' of VIP and users like me who have multiple accounts and want a relation without having to buy VIP for each account. How it would work is you can only date/be engaged/married to another character once and can't have it with another character unless you remove it from the other character first if that makes sense.

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I agree, I feel like it would help.


I personally like the idea of Vip this way the community can support the site , in my opinion free members already have alot of features ( im also no vip yet but i can see why they added vip and vip functions )


I really like this idea!  It would be really useful to those who haven't got VIP yet, and we would be allowed to join in on the fun with the VIPs.


I agree! I always need relations, and I am dead broke to get VIP XD


I agree because my mum is a single mum, which means that she doesn't have a lot of extra money. She says that she doesn't have enough to pay for V.I.P. The only reason that I have this computer is because my school gives us loners.


I agrees, in Netherlands.


(Jonathan here)

I agree with this, it would be nice to have for those that make relationships between two characters 


I agree, mainly because this site would get more people purchasing it if they could show us what it is really like. Personally, right now I and some others don't want it, but we'll see if this idea changes that.


Totally agree, VIP is so expensive, changing age or year is 20 euro. pfoee. thats is more than 50 breads here in Netherlands


I think that would defiantly be brilliant


I am in agreement :)


You can always state relations in your profile text or backstory, and even detail them a bit more, like most VIP do anyways. Therefore it is just about displaying it on your wall in addition to your profile. And we need a few functionalities to be VIP-only so that the site can live ;)