Danger baby!!!

Georgina Maleeka Deondra 5 years ago updated by Evallia 5 years ago 4

We need some danger baby! Yes, danger!!!! How about we have a enemy or something and people who graduate or someone who is really advanced has to try to protect the school and the students from the danger??

In the movie there was a bunch of danger situations and danger and bad stuff is what make a good movie or boook, because it has to be solved somehow!


This is something that you have to ask your plot leader about, as this is a thing for individual sites.
Feedback is more a thing for every site.


You can sign up to be a plot leader.


No, you cannot. You can apply to be a member, but not apply to be a leader.

But maybe this could be somethign for a quest like the Unicorn-Quest, just over a longer time-periode and for more than one Players. Sort of a group-mission? (just a quick idea i had, when i was reading this)