Living Quarters

Akele Koi Karine 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 9

Yo! Everyone should have their own living quarters! For after school, we go back to our quarters for resting and bathing! I think it would be cool and you guys should name each living quarter and have them each split up for males and females!


If this happened, would it be your own topic or?


I like this idea! Just like the movie.

This great ahha!! maybe they can make your profile your living quarters or something...i dont know


the dormitories are already there though


I agree with Val, you can Roleplay in your dorms with your classmates who are the same gender than you and the same year than you, which is exactly the same thing as in the series so it's more realistic. 


This isn't a game. It's a roleplay chat room base application.


I don't really get what you mean ? WoP is a website for Roleplay Game where you can not only chat but also (and mainly) create topics to make your character evolve and interact with others... But I don't really get how this debate is relevant considering the suggestion above ^^'


You can use the dorms for that and create a topic in there for your dorm, and also give it a name you like.