I have to pay for animals names even though I am VIP

FLD 6 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 5 years ago 8

As the subject says it will charge me for changing name on my new pet even though I am VIP :(


Have you already changed the name of your pet before? Or did you buy the pet before getting VIP? 


Nope then it wouldn't be a bug... I got it the day I wrote this down and have been VIP for ages... Have not changed a thing

Is it a glitch of some sort? 

Under review

Yes this is a bug, we are currently working on it (:


Yay! This is under review! I cant wait until its been fixed : D

Is this still an issue?

We recently had this issue on WoO with a user who was VIP at the time of purchasing their pet and had not changed the name prior to. We had them release the pet, gave them the money back, and had them purchase it again and it worked, but it still hadn't worked the first time :(