Deleting comments on articles as management

Vita Auden 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 4

Sometimes, when people write comments, then they don't really think about what it is they write. Perhaps it is a troll and perhaps it is a person that had a bad day and wanted to vent in the wrong way. It has always been trouble to get the comments deleted, because we always had to go to Valentine to make them disappear, which would just be a bother to have him do and not really worth his time... unless it is really serious, which I have experienced 3 times in the past.


This would also be helpful for the library books too, as the only way to remove those comments is the same as the articles: either asking Valentine, or completely deleting and reposting the article/book. 

The library especially gets some interesting and many times offensive or harmful comments, namely on the books about topics revolving around the dark arts. Those can't be removed without the assistance of Valentine unless the book is deleted, which removes all previous comments and likes. 

Bumping this since it's been a few months ^^


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