Change the weeks to go from saturday to friday

FLD 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 1

I have thought over this for a while, and I really think this could reach out to a lot of assistant teachers, because my idea is to change the weeks to end friday evening instead of sunday. Most people have to wake up early monday morning, and therefore they often keep themself awake to grade up to a school/work-day where most people could have a need for some sleep. 

The same will be for making homework as for grading, most of my time is on sunday for the site so I often send my homework in late and with a week from saturday to friday I would send them much earlier. Not putting the same pressure on the team.

Ofc this Idea wont make a big difference for some, but maybe it could help the AT's to have time to grade and to not ruining their monday morning by grading the night before. I often watch them, awake, on 1.30 am because there are some homework back and that's kinda sad when it has to be fun to be on the site. I am not an AT myself, but I think it would release some pressure if it was friday evening and night they had to grade.