​Crafting/disenchanting Wizard cards

Rodrik 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 1

Crafting new cards

Greetings, I would love to suggest an idea, For Wizard cards, as you know you get a lot of dupes which are not helpful in anyway, I was thinking that you should be able to turn duplicates into dust (certain rarity will give you more or less dust) The dust can then be used to craft news cards (cards you need in your collection, each card depending on rarity will cost a different amount of dust to create)  

This therefore gives dupe cards a reasoning otherwise just sitting there in your card collection, and would be very interactive. It could be called disenchanting cards (turns it into dust)

Example below of how much dust it would cost to craft and how much dust you'd get from disenchanting  (Not accurate numbers) (Also not sure what rarity the cards are):


Common -15

Uncommon - 30

Rare - 75

Epic  - 100

Legendary -  350


Common - 50

Uncommon - 100

Rare -  500

Epic  - 1000

Legendary - 1500

Thank you for your time reading my ideas,I hope you take this into consideration, As I believe this idea will be loved by many and will be rather fun!