Extra button grading system

Cyrele Moune 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 7 1 duplicate

As a teacher I see that some people accidentally grade 'acceptable' because that's the grade that is stated automatically. They forget to change the grade to the one that matches the feedback. Also there are sometimes troll-graders, who just grade stuff without reading, give feedback and send it in.

My idea is to put another option in the list, which will be selected automatically, in stead of the acceptable button: make your choice. And that option can't be submitted. So people won't forget to select a grade.

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Poke to bring it up.

It is already planned so it won't do a thing

It'll bring it back to the front to remind them :)


Yes please. that already happened like, 2 times


Yeah, it would be easier if you selected the grade yourself instead of it be preselected, and dont accidentally give a bad grade to someone