Additional Pets

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I would like to see more pets/creatures available for purchase. There are SO many that are part of the HP Universe and taught in CoMC, but they do not exist in the game. It would be really cool to be able to collect all kinds of them - and even have value based on rarity so that everyone doesn't have all kinds of madness going on, but a REAL collector could slowly amass a collection that even Newt Scamander would approve of :) 

It would also add to the RP side of it if the CoMC Teacher had a significant discount so the creatures could be more easily purchased and interacted with by the students as part of their education. And perhaps in the same manner that you cannot purchase some animals without having completed a certain year in CoMC, perhaps you cannot purchase/interact with said pets without having done so either. And have MoM Licenses for different classifications of creatures that you can own. 

Just tossing around some ideas as a CoMC lover :) 

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In addition to more pets, what if you added in graduate course specific pets. Like Nifflers for Curse Breakers!


More pets! :D My daughter loves hers.


Closing this as new pets are added regularly