Mark topics as favorites

Billy Olsen 4 years ago updated by Ana Ilijašić 4 years ago 1

Please make a favorite-function for topics :)

I just experienced a sudden need to have all my favorite topics listed in one place, easy to find if you want to re-read them or recommend them to others. The follow-list is a bit unpractical for this purpose, especially if you have a job and follow a ton of work-related topics in clubs, or is active in several topics (and even more so for prefects who automatically follow every topic they remind). 

A favorite list could also be nice to have on profiles, both for showing what sort of topics you read and for discovering old topics that aren't active but still makes for a good and recommended read. 

A nice feature would be to have the option of making it a private or public favorite, for the purpose of recommendations for others to show on your profile and a private list of topics you might want to re-read or re-visit but might not want on your public list.

While topics are mainly for roleplaying, they are in many ways meant for reading as well. Inactive topics can be difficult to find if you want to read earlier topics by your favorite writers, which is a shame as there are many good ones and several old topics that make up people's backstories and earlier events that are referred to in active topics. A favorite list would make them more accessible and more likely to be found, read and enjoyed as stories. 


I'd like more if the list was private, witch clickable links, like list of topic that you follow.