Course Statistics

Harper Porter 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 5

Since I was a teacher of a less attractive and popular course Arithmancy, I found it hard to find out if people actually followed my classes and made their homework. I had no idea if people liked my lessons or if they just thought it was to hard and didn't make them. 

Because it was a third year course, I also didn't get a lot of 'complaints', 'varying grades' or 'not graded', I think only 1 of those per IG year. 

I think it would be easy to show the amount of homework made for a teacher. You can make it visible in the admin panel. This way, a teacher can actually see if people make their classes or not, and if he or she should change something. 

Also, the Headmaster can see all the statistics and can help the less 'popular' classes. Maybe they are to hard, or maybe the lessons are to long? 

The way I would like to write it down is like this:

Homework made in total: ... (This is for all years)

Homework made this year: ... (This is because you'll have different teachers throughout the years and the statistics of another teacher aren't important for the new one)

Also, I would like the that players will have statistics of their made homework. We see a decrease in making homework, and showing statistics stimulated people to make homework. Because when it says you'll only made 3 assignments of Muggle Studies, you would like to change that right?

I made an example about how you can post that on players profiles. But you can of course also make it separate, like the achievements.


This would be perfect!

I teach Astronomy a fourth year course and I never see any homework. It would be nice to see if anybody actually looks at my lessons.


I think it is a good idea, but I don't think it should be on profiles and only be something, which teacher's should be able to see


I like your classes!