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A lot of our management is very overwhelmed with all of their work. With WoP growing, we get more and more every single day. Typically, when a person of management is away, their work will be handed to another person of management to be taken care of. This can often be extremely overwhelming to handle two management jobs. But what about the students? They are always asking to get more involved. But there are only so many available spots on a team and they can't do management abilities as a student. This is where, Co-Leaders come in! A Co-Leader would be a student in their 7th year who has worked hard throughout their years at Hogwarts and is ready to help lead, or Co-Lead a team of their own. A Co-Leader is not management. A Co-Leader would be a step above student and a step below teacher. A Co-Leader's job would be simple. If a Leader ever needed to step away for some time, they would be in charge of the team. That way, the job would not be taken by another member of management, overwhelming them with who knows how many jobs they have. But, what happens after the student graduates, you ask? A new Co-Leader is assigned! This gives students opportunity and a reason to push through their years at Hogwarts! It will also give them a chance to see what it's like to be a part of the WoP Staff Team! This will also really help the management that is overwhelmed with work and just need someone to help them along.