Flag Homework for Teachers/ATs

Ren 4 years ago updated by Squirrel Jo 4 years ago 8

As a student grading, or as a teacher/AT keeping an eye on their subject, it can sometimes be frustrating if you come across a piece of work that should be brought to the attention of a teacher immediately, rather than relying on the Varying Grade system for the work to be flagged. For example, if a user has written an offensive piece of work or one that breaks site rules, and is given the same grade by all users, the students grading may have no way of knowing who it is that has done this work, nor will it come to the teacher's attention, and thus that user cannot be watched or punished. 

A "Flag for Teacher's Attention" button with reasoning could aid this.


I absolutely love this idea, because I'm used to giving an O to these kind of homeworks so they go to varying grades - counting on the other graders to give a T. However we can never know what the other graders do, so an option to directly report the homework would indeed be a great feature. Maybe the homework should only go to the AT/Teacher if at least 2 of its graders report it, to prevent abuse ? 

Hello there, 

If you ever want a task or comment to be brought to the attention of a teacher and end up in the varying graded folder, give it a Troll grade and it will always be sent to varying. No need to give it an Outstanding to create a huge gap in grades :) 

Hi ^^ so does it mean a homework that has gotten 5 Ts will go to the AT/Teacher too ?

Anything that has been given a Troll is automatically sent to the AT/Teacher

Not if everyone gives it that. :/ 

Yes it does. Even assignments that get all Trolls and Dreadfulls are sent to the Varying Grades. If the assignment receives at least at least one Troll, it automatically is sent in. 


In my time as AT I never got them in when ppl said in private they had given a troll? But maybe if it's a new thing? Idk, but I have never recieved varying grades where everyone gave troll...


WoP FR staff just tested it. A homework got 5 T grades and didn't end up in the AT/Teacher's folders. So I believe some sites at least need another way of automatically sending a homework to the folder ^^