Club-Rejection messages shouldn't show in Owlery right away

Adalynn Greenwood 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 2

It is basically in the title. It would be a nice feature to avoid clutter in the owlery and the dreaded deleting of messages you don't want in there.

Just like when sending multi-owls there is a function for the messages not to show before there is a reply. And I'm fine with that. But rejecting 10-20 people a week who apply to clubs anyway is very frustrating and I honestly missclick in the owlery often, accidentally opening the message and having to start ticking all the small boxes again to delete.

Just a quick Quality of Life update that would make the club-leaders' life a little better.


This would be really useful

Listen to the smart person here. This is a need for owners of clubs.