More Class Offerings to Enhance the Actual Hogwarts Experience

Molly Huff 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 4

Right now the World of Potter only has a little over half of the classes taken at Hogwarts per books and movies. I would like it if it would simulate the actual Hogwarts experience by providing more classes. The one's that I know we are missing for sure right now are: Alchemy, Arithmancy, Art, Magical Theory, Earth Magic, Magical Cooking and Ancient Studies (Mythology). It may also be interesting to have a language class such as Latin. But, I would most definitely like to experience more variation in the classes. Any class addition would do, really.


Arithmancy is already a class provided, Alchemy has been suggested on another post, Magical Theory can be touched on in other classes, Art and Magical Cooking aren't in the series and don't seem like they would add much, as they aren't teaching anything new, Ancient Studies is basically Myths and Legends, is it not?, and there isn't enough written about earth magic to have its own class. 

If you want to suggest a new class idea, I suggest you post about only one and write a bit about what that class could add to the WoP experience if you would like to get that class added.

Arithmancy is not on every site tho


It is only DK that it isn't on. It is on your site just not used :)