(too) short feedbacks (that don't really give any feedback)

rik_veenstra4 4 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 4 years ago 3

So. Today it has been brought up once again that there are many graders who give very minimalistic feedback.. Actually don't give any real feedback at all. It just says the requirements are met or sometimes not even that but only a ''well done'' . Short feedbacks like those rise debates on whether people are speed-grading or not (grading without actually reading the assignment). Now this is a very difficult subject and since this has been a thing that is going on for many IG years already I think it be unlikely that it is going to change by simply telling people to stop it.

 I think the easiest solution would be to ''simply'' increase the minimum amount of characters in the feedback box too... 50?... 60? atleast more then it is now.


Well I don't think, that just rising the minimum amount of characters would solve this problem.

On WoP GER we created a guideline on how to write a proper feedback and that it has to refer to the assignment.

If it doesn't everyone who got those feedback should raise a complaint. ATs and teacher then look over those feedbacks and if it doesn't hit the guideline they will punish them (losing points and galleons).

Since we implemented this system the feedbacks improved a lot!

We just recently implemented a similar system on the Dutch site indeed.


I think a longer box maybe 60px or so would help too? If you have a longer box it feels like you have to write more than just one sentence?