Article Bug

Abigail Baines 4 years ago updated by Raven Gertrude Leahy 4 years ago 4

Hey there,

Lately there has been a problem with the article on WOO.

The spaces between the paragraphs would enlarge way too much messing up the entire article. This has not been a problem before as the same coding was used.

It would be nice if you could look into it


Yup. I have the same problem with my articles. The article gets all messed up. It looks ugly and it makes it hard to read. 


It is indeed very annoying those long paragraphs that the bug throws in. Not easy to read and it doesn't look pretty.


It's not my coding. Look at those spacings. It's ugly. 

my homework keeps giving me hugh spaces after submitting it even my profile text and backstory did it... It's getting me marked down on homework and it's really upsetting.