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Nym 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 1

Heya! So I have this suggestion about the Quibbler/DP forums. There is now a place called "Newspaper Offices" in "The World Outside" which I think is great!❤ However, since the Quibbler and DP are placed in Diagon Alley I think it would be great to have a forum there too. Just like in Gringotts, where you get the opportunity to both go to the bank and a bank forum.


The World Outside can include places in Diagon Alley. There would be no point in adding in a place in Diagon Alley for the two newspapers, as there would then be the "Newspaper Offices" and both forums for the newspapers. The Newspapers Offices is already not very active. There wouldn't be much point in this. 

If you suggest they remove the Newspaper Offices or change the name and add in the two forums, then all the topics that have already been created in the Newspaper Offices would either need to be deleted, which would be unfair to the ones who participated in them and don't want them deleted, or they could remain there, but be in the wrong place. 

Overall, this isn't necessary and it would just create more inactive forum areas.