like homework review

Anah-ria 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 8

If someone gives you a homework review which you find helpful, give them a thumbs up and it will give them extra points and money. 

Will promote helpful reviews.


I don't think ppl would like fairly...


Eh, then I will just boycot homework cause its just not worth it :( 

I just cant make myself do it for E with comments "all requirements met" or  "everything is in there".

Yeheeeeyyy onto the grading! :D 

No more homework! Yeeesssss :D *throws her hat into the sky


But that's not the way getting better feeds, that's why you should complain... It wouldn't be better because you liked a feedback.


i was hoping giving extra points to helpful feedback reviews who point out what you are missing as well as suggest improvements would give ppl the incentive to do the review properly. 

you could still copy paste review but you would get only the regular points. 

if you get a helpful review (does not have to be nice) you get double 

there is still possibility to cheat but there always is one. 

as it is now even if you complain you cannot actually prove someone is copypasting. there is nothing that will change if you submit complain.. you get a fair grade, yes, but you will not stop the ppl from doing it and next homework you would have to complain again.

you are treating symptoms not cause


btw I really like wordofpotter, the homework and grading system is the only thing that I find dissapointing 


The AT's see more than you think and register a lot of copied feeds, and when someone send a bad feed like three words or a feed they have seen before, the person sending it will lose all they earned on that feed


=0 and I haven't heard this one before either =0

there should be place where you asked all these worries and someone experienced will answer

or is there actually such a thing and I again skipped the notice?


Well I think u only know if u have been punnished or been an AT, some other knows it but it doesn't stand in a guide, because it could make someone not grading from start just because of that. :p