Using text decoration in chat

April Jaymes 4 years ago updated by not me 2 years ago 4

Hello! I was typing in the chat and on that moment I realised I really missed a way to strike my text. It would be nice if you just had te option to use text decoration like bold, underlined, striked and italic in chat, just to make some words stand out more, at some funk to your messages and stuff like that.

You could use symbols, just like skype, to give your message the decoration. For example: *Hello* will be turned into Hello and ~Hey~ into Hey.

I know there will be probably abuse the function, so if this will be used, there should be rules of how much of this you can use in a message.

Or maybe it could be made exclusive with Chocolate Cards, like the /sing option, or an only vip option? The possibility's are endless!

I just think it's an awesome idea to make chatting even more fun! :)


I really mis the strike through function too sometimes, so if that could be made into a Chocolate Cards function or something maybe, I would definetely love it!


I agree with Thomas, make it for some card collection!

But yeah i often need this, this and this in the chat. Ofc it will need rules... But it is not different from the use of caps, as abuse...