A 'walk-through'

orliew, smew, rew & lew 4 years ago 0

The guidelines are there for a reason, and that it obvious, but many new users find that its too much to read and often skip reading through it, which results in not being able to navigate the site properly, or not understanding parts of the site. I've noticed things like the chat not being used as 'IG' and 'Where do I get a wand?' asked in RP's  happen quite a lot. This idea is like the walk-through you get when visiting the Housepoints for the first time, but quickly explaining the site after you've been sorted. 

  • It could highlight the chat, and say that The Great Hall and House Chat are for OOG chatting, while the Quidditch chat is for supporting matches and In game is for.....well, if that's hard to figure out...
  • It may highlight the 'Hogwarts' and explain what it is quickly, before clicking on it and explaining a few places in Hogwarts and what their for, in short, snappy sentences.
  • It could highlight a couple of the shops and say what they sell, or show you your hunger and points and explain what they mean, and so on and so on.

It's just a quick intro that only takes a few minutes to go through, has the option to skip, and makes sure that new users have a faint idea of the site, but are highly encouraged to read the rules and guidelines too!