Allow to see every RP than a person do

Steven Sage 5 years ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 1 year ago 2

I think it could be very interesting for the management and particularly for the prefect team/backstory team to can see every RP than a person does or have done.

To prevent the recidivism of breaking rules, and when a person doesn't respect rules and say he has a status, it could allow to check easily his/her RP and do something!    

So under the "more profile, there would be an option for staff only, saying "Robert's Topics" like that??


This would make it hard for anyone to want to be a prefect, or be able to keep up, since instead of having a section, they would be assigned several hundred users to check. If a topic is closed already, then the problem has been solved, and this feature becomes obsolete, as none would ever use it.