Paying to Un-Faint

Rebekah Langmoore 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 1 year ago 4

Even when a student has more than 200 galleons in Gringotts, they cannot pay the galleons to revive their characters unless the galleons are in their pockets. I know that there are many people who put all their money (like me) in Gringotts so it doesn't go missing over time, and it's quite annoying to have the money, be willing to pay, and then not be able to pay. I suggest that if you have a sufficient amount of galleons in Gringotts, then you should be able to pay (in galleons) to un-faint. 


This would actually be a great idea, my additional suggestion is:

If you now graded some homework, and you put it on Gringotts but your grading got punished. You will have -5 galleons left. When you will earn galleons then, it will be counted from -5. The same idea would go for the fainting, once you're fainted you're able to pay 200 galleons, and if you don't have them at your account at that point. You're amount will be -200, and once you withdraw 200 galleons from Gringotts. Your balance will be back at 0.


So, you would be able to have a debt? That's a really good idea, Thomas! And I'd just love to be able to pay from Gringotts when I'm fainted, no matter how. Thumbs up ^^


I agree with this, but my suggestion is that you simply are allowed access to Gringotts in addition to the Hospital Wing when fainted. Thus you can withdraw enough money to un-faint if you so wish. I feel it is indeed a bit unfair that you can't un-faint even when you do have the money, because let's face it; who has been walking around with 200+ galleons in their pocket since Gringotts was added?