Teachers able to see how many people make their assginments

Cyrele Moune 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 5

I had an idea as I was writing a new lesson, because I wondered how many students are still making the assignments, since we're in year 5, and I almost only see 1st year and 2nd year assignments which I need to check out.

So I was wondering, can you make a function where teachers can see how many students submitted work for the individual assignments? To take it easy on the server, this can be reset with the start of the new schoolyear. But I am wondering how many students are making my assignments.


Great idea and super useful as I have been wondering about the same.


Great minds think alike Juno :)

Not really, but that would be a nice solution as well, since we can also see how many are making them. And even reading them! :)