Adoption Forum

Luthor Page 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 1

So many graduated adults are pestered by nice kids who just really want to be adopted. Sometimes it works out, but in most cases one will find that 

1. The kids are not suitable for the personality of the adult, and vice versa

2. The kids often will pester the adults when they go into chat

3. The adults feel bad and don't want to disown

4. A perfectly nice adult is waiting out there who is new, and in the joy of a new age-up is sprung upon to adopt

So what can we do? I propose making an adoption forum somewhere.Before I get into explaining, you may be saying: This is World Of Potter! No room for an adoption place! It isn't even Harry Potter related! Well neither is the VIP room, but we still have it. Maybe we can have one more!

A bit more about my idea; I think that in this forum the kids can fill out a template, saying something like their names, what they look for in a father/mother, and a bit about themselves and their personality. Then, when a graduated adult wishes to adopt, they can go and find someone suitable that they would get along with! Everyone could participate, so no one would be left out!

This would be a solution I think many grads are looking for!