New Point Achievements

Henrietta Nagy 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4 1 duplicate

For now the highest achievement we can get to earn points is at 2500 (total) housepoints. I believe it would motivate people even more if there would be more achievements for earning points. Especially as there are many people who earned more than 10.000 points already.

For example it would look like this:

- 5.000 points

- 7.500 points

- 10.000 points

- 15.000 points

- 20.000 points

- 30.000 points

- 50.000 points

- 75.000 points

- 100.000 points

Those who alreay passed the new achievements would get them when they earn points next time. (similarly to the submitted homework achievement which was fixed earlier)

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Agreed. It's nice to see more achievements.


This should really happen! I got the last achievement for points in first year and I plan to be on this site for much longer like many others, so a mass of users is going to earn ten thousands of points, There should be achievement buttons for that