Needed club features - chatrooms and dice

Diaval Vaughn 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 6

I have a goal to create and manage a heavy roleplay club on WoP but I lack both the tools in website features as well as am not allowed to provide the necessary tools using third party links or programs. The issue is, with the topic forum rules allowing anyone to join any topic at any time for any reason without asking OOG permission, it can be difficult to conduct continuous and deep roleplay without resorting to a heavy use of owl roleplay, which in turn makes it more difficult to meet other people interested in that more intensive level of roleplay. I want to make a club focused on heavy roleplay as a place people can comfortably be in a forum setting without worrying about their scenes getting derailed and also have it public so their friends can lurk. This also will allow room for small-group plots run by gamemasters which aren't really accounted for within WoP topic forum rules, but can be a critical key to very immersive and exciting roleplay adventures. 

To make this functional and actually work with the depth required, I need to provide dice and OOG chat rooms for my club. The dice really are critical and have been used in roleplay since it's inception. It is very important to be able to roll different types/amounts of dice as well as have them 'saved' so other members can go check peoples' rolls hours later if need be. OOG chat rooms are also very critical, because having quality, coordinated rp really does take a lot of OOG communication and it's very necessary. Even one chat room isn't enough, ideally I need at least two, or more that can be customized by the club leader. Both of these things I could easily provide off-site, moderated OOG chat rooms (with archived chat I could hand over to WoP mods at request) and dice (either through rollz.org and a custom chat room program, or a program than can provide both), but this is disallowed for me to access these tools without facing being banned, so my hands are tied for creating this club at this time. If you are interested in joining such a club, that would have slightly more controlled roleplay rules and yet offers more creative freedom and a better ability to network with other roleplayers who are currently mainly hiding in owls, please vote up this thread. I really hope to find some compromise that can make this club work because I believe it would really be a great benefit to the website. 


I love the idea, I think it's great!


That sounds wonderful!

I'm blown away by the volume of positive feedback this has gotten. Thanks for the support guys! <3

I think that is a great idea. I would love such a club.