World of Potter Caribbean Server.

Avel Zane 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 2

I know that there a plenty of World of Potter English speaking sites such as UK, EU, and US. What I am suggesting is a Caribbean site where user's who live in the West Indies or are from the West Indies can have a magical world to themselves and meet people that know and understand there culture and how things are. Not only that but they themselves could immerse themselves in a World where only your imagination is the limit. I am from the West Indies and visit quite often. I have introduced Harry Potter books and the movie to some of the people in the parish where I used to live. Not only kids but a few adults seemed very interested in what the books had to offer a whole brand new world full of creatures they have never heard of it was. A few months ago I went down for a funeral it was a sad time by also a happy one. I walked around the village with a few other teenagers and my cousin and we started talking about Harry Potter. I told them about the World

^ - of potter and explained to them you can role play as your character and bring them to life. Make them anyway you want, bald,short,tan whatever you wanted. The amazement I saw in there eyes as they thought of all the possibilities that could happen. I explained to them you can even hold the positions as teacher's, heads of houses, and even a role play as a student becoming a Prefect, journalist even a librarian. To them it seemed like something that couldn't be true. 

Why a new site and not just go on an English speaking site?

While in the West Indies we do speak and write English but sometimes we have the habit of changing things around into "broken english"


Life- lyfe

What's up?- Wa gwan? Etc.

While the words we do use are similar but sometimes that happens.  

Also while most English sites are for people who live in that part of the world. The United States, US etc. This can not only help user's meet people similar to them selves but to interact more with each other and become comfortable with each other and use there broken english. While the site will remain English just pure english, they should be allowed to use there broken english in places such as an owl between friends and in friendly topics. The great hall chat the broken english can be used but it if only a revised version is provided as to not make new user's feel left out as they can see the site is English and enter chats and it's a whole different story. This would be great for me and others who were born in or live in the West Indies so we can have a more comfortable environment where we can meet new people, learn new things and most of all immerse ourselfs in a fantastic world full of Magic and wonder. While i do not work but next year I should be getting a job, I will put forward  $10 a month towards the development of the site.

Apologies for the really long post! XD

Hope the site goes up!