Spell Team or Spell Development Team

Zachariah Longsworth 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 10

So we all know that characters in Harry Potter made spells, for example Severus Snape created SectumSempra in his time at Hogwarts. Me and a few others have thought about it and think maybe WoP could have a team on the sites that deal with spell creation, although the spells would either have to be held in forms of contests or getting approved by a group of people on the site that make sure none of the spells are over powered and ridiculous to the point where they would become unforgivable curses for creation.

If it was created in the form of contests the creators of the spell would have to be in their 5th or 6th year (for realism purposes) before the spell is adapted onto the spell list of the site and they would win a prize 1st 700, 2nd 500, 3rd 250 depending on the level of the spell and the spells uses (2-3 spells would be chosen to get added to the site). in addition 3-4 competitions will be held per year

The users would have to make a spell and then write a 3-4 paragraph MINIMUM story with the competition entries.

If spells got approved by a group of people and then presented to the MoM for approval, the spell(s) would be added to the spell list faster than the first method due to not being a contest, and they'd get 200-350 Galleons again depending on the uses and creativity put into the spell (the number is lower because you're not competing for anything just giving an idea).

The team members colors would be Zaffre blue.


~Schedule competitions with the MoM(if they choose to do the first idea for the team over the second)

~Choose 10 spells to be sent to the MoM (they choose 4-5 spells that get added but the 10

~Manage the team

~Have the power to edit the Magical abilities page (as it'll be their job to edit and fix the spell list).

~Be 14 years old IRL
~Be cooperative with team member(s)
~Need to be creative and able to research Etymology (study of history of words) for spell names
~Active and organized

~IRL age
~What you can contribute
~create 2 different spells that do different things. EX: one for dueling and one for cleaning
(this includes an Incantation, type of spell, wand movement, light it produces if it has any, and effect.)
~Name of extra users

        DISCLAIMER: This is just an idea and I would love to have some feedback in this comments about it on how it can be improved


I do not think it is a good idea. Because those spells are not made by JK Roweling, i would never exept them...


The point of it is to add some more uniqueness to the sites and give users more ways to be creative, and the site isn't really a complete copy of her creation if we think of it so I really don't see why this couldn't be implemented onto the sites. Thank you for your input though!


I like the thought, it's okay to make something new. Maybe this team could work with the library and get a book for spells created by users.


There was an error with a sentence in the leader section so I will fix it here.


~Choose 10 spells to be sent to the MoM (they choose 4-5 spells that get added but the 10 people that got chosen by the manager of the team ill all receive prizes, some of them will be small but useful items.


This sounds great, I hope this team gets made


So would they not get paid unless they won the contest? Because obviously everyone with jobs are usually paid weekly, so having both a weekly pay as well as the chance to win upwards to 700 galleons would be a bit unfair to students not in this team.


I believe he means any Student can submit ideas for the comp but the team will look though them and help decide on what one's to present to the MoM


What Curtis said but they could award the students that participated in the contest if was decided. The members of the team would not be able to participate in the competitions since they're judges that take out the ridiculous spells and the team leader picks the ones best-suited that's left in the hat. There would probably be a low pay for the team members weekly around the 15-25 Galleon range. Again there are two options for the team to go, one being contests and the others sent in they put the ones that seem like good/useful spells in a google doc/Skype chat that the manager looks at regularly. The possibilities are diverse with this idea, really as it is not fully fleshed out yet.


So this would be an official team, not a school club? 

I like the idea, maybe you can do it like what Eu did with the illustrator team, have a trial run on your WoP page and if you succeed maybe have it become an official club all around?


This should be talked about with your MoM