Parental Controls for Kids/Young users.

Rodrik 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 3

This idea is mainly focused on the younger users of the site, So kids below the age of 13.

Parental Controls

 Real-world priorities such as homework, chores, and family dinner should take precedence over entertainment. Our Parental Controls provide parents and guardians with easy-to-use tools to set up rules for  access to World of Potter Features in a way that fits your family’s situation:

Play Schedules

In addition to specifying the maximum hours your child can stay on World of Potter, you can create a custom schedule. A selection of pre-set schedules such as “after school & weekends” and “weekends only” is also available.

Play-Time Reports

You can choose to receive play-time reports delivered each week to your e-mail address. These reports contain details of your child’s active time, including login and logout times, the duration of each play session, and more.

In-Game Purchases

The site allows you to buy stuff such as age change, So having parental controls for this stops young users/kids buying stuff without their parent's permission.

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This will also create a safer environment for a parents child, as if they are not comfortable with their child on a site with strangers, they can then monitor their activity. 


I swear you must be 13+ to go on the game anyway though