WoP in spanish

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I have no problem with the EU site, I love it and I love the people I have met here but many of my spanish friends who would love to be part of something like this are not confident enough with english so they would love to have WoP in spanish.

Also, with  a spanish site the "market" would be open not only for spanish but also for south americans. I understand that is easy to open sites in english and i can see why you are opening  UK site now but spanish is one of  thelanguages most spoken all around  world and I think this page could give WoP a lot of beneficts.


This sounds like an amazing idea and would target such a large audience of the world! I hope this idea gets approved, Didi <3 Below is just a range of the population which speak spanish across the world (Note: this is an old statistic) just show the market it is directly working within! :D 


More than 450M  people speak spanish as mother language (just another number to support your graphic)


Sounds like a fantastic idea! :D


By adding another site, they'd be dividing people even more. I feel like, eventually, there will be too many sites, and sites like EU will become quieter, which causes people to leave. No one likes quiet sites. It would, of course, be wonderful for Spanish-speaking people, but I feel like all these new sites may have a negative effect in the long run... 

There are not many spanish in EU site, I don't know about the American one. 

I'm not going to stop being in Eu site  as long as my friends keep appearing and they are not spanish. UK is going to have a site because they don't feel confortable with the rest of the world and i get it, english have different view of things and have an amazing but also different personality but there are two sites in english already and  isnot posible to have a spanish one cause the EU is going to be quiet? I suggest that because most spanish people have no conficende at all with english, if you ask in the chat where are people from you'll see spanish italians and portugues are the smallest group and is not because we have no HP fans is because the language. I can see what you think but I would love everybody to be able to enjoy this world as I do and, of course,  is just an idea :)

Completed! Woooo!

There's already a spanish site. It's called www.worldofpotter.es