VIP expiration bugged

Jada Nightflame 5 years ago 0

When your VIP expires, it starts acting up. 

I kept the golden frame at first, when hovering over my name, when writing an owl/topic reply, and on the icon in the top right corner. Today that has stopped but I sometimes still see the golden frame (it expired yesterday at midnight). 

But in some owls, it's still showing me layout options. Like I can make text bolded and stuff. But when I send the owl, it's all gone. And in some owls, the layout options aren't even there. Also, when I use shift+enter to write a new paragraph in an owl, it now pretends like I put two regular enters as a VIP. So usually it is:

Non-VIP: 2 enters - small space between paragraphs.

VIP: 2 enters - big space between paragraphs.

VIP: 2 times shift+enter - small space between paragraphs. 

But now, it is like this:

Expired VIP: 2 times shift + enter - big space between paragraphs.

Expired VIP: 1 time shift + enter - small space between paragraphs.

And this is how it should be as a normal user: 

1 enter - starts on a new line, not a new paragraph.

2 enters - small space between paragraphs. 

3 enters - big space between paragraphs.

And I actually think it should be like this as a VIP too. Just keep the same enter thingies. On notice boards, there's also this enter problem, like you have to use shift+enter if you don't want a ridiculously huge space between paragraphs.

Ugh, this is probably too confusing to explain using words. Just let me know if you want picture examples. 

Anyway, sometimes, my smileys still show in the chat. But when I refresh, they're gone, and no one else can see them as VIP smileys.